Reputable gift card sellers?

Hi will just like to ask, besides steam pumpkin. Are there other reputable sellers that provides better discounts? I am mainly buying psn codes.

A while ago, I saw username gold bar selling his cards at a 15% discount. Would have bought it but I kinda chickened out. He does have decent number of ratings though. Is he good?

There’s the risk of my psn acct getting banned in case they end up being stolen.

Everywhere I look in the forums its all just steam pumpkin being safe, but because of the processing fee. the discount is almost negligible.

From Gold Bar, I have bought Itunes Gift Cards so far(10 codes) no problems at all, one time I got a used code but the seller refund it inmediatly.

Thanks! he got sweet deals. what are the chances of the cards being stolen? I mean what are some red flags I need to avoid from sellers that are probably selling stolen goods, since i am new to gameflip.

Ive seen people who were able to redeem codes (amazon) but end up getting cancelled a couple of days later by Amazon due to it coming from stolen cc.

I am not sure if I could get in trouble with psn if this ends up being stolen.

The red flags are usually if the seller demands the code to be used immediatly and to complete the transaction.

For Playstation I only know that they ban the account if there is a chargeback from Credit Cards.

I haven’t seen a case where there is a ban for a chargeback from a Gift Card on Playstation (on Nintendo and Xbox there is a risk of ban from chargeback Gift Cards and Game Codes)

Thanks Garav, ended up using him and the code worked. :slight_smile:

look for stores with good rates and not asking for u to redeem and complete right there, as i do sell game keys and i never ask people to complete the sells and even if they buy the key to resell on there website out keys are guarantied for life. just avoid the complete right now kind of stores

Tbh I’ve been looking for steam wallet sellers for a while now.

I’ve bought from lyly giftcard store, Best Gift Card Service, Nintendoshop etc

While steam pumpkin offers impeccable service, others offer at least 10% to 16% discount of the value.

It seems harder to find value for money sellers or stores which offer competitive rates.