whats up with "Riot Gift Cards"


He is copying the Steam Pumpkin sales, in price and pictures, but never answer.

Im looking for another supplier besides SteamPumpkin who is my main supplier.


i only buy from steam pumpkin and really no one else


I have all sorts of cards what do you need?


Psn and google mostly


Do you offer the same rates as steam pumpkin?


What are his rates? Lets say for a 100 PSN whats his price?


I don’t buy psn , but i buy steam digital wallet codes, they’re mostly 7~11% discount depending on how much each wallet is worth.


How much a day do you buy? I could offer 15% on each card but ONLY IF the amount daily amount would be in a good range.


I only buy during sales , around 500~1000 $ worth , but not each day but around collectively 3 weeks?


you buy them for yourself to redeem or to just simply resell them?


I do the same, i spend nearly $4000 - $5000 a month but randomly, not in the same day or week


i buy for myself