Looking for bulk psn cards for a discounted price

I have a good market for the resell of psn and Xbox(mainly psn) gift cards. I’m looking to establish a seller who will be able to give me a good deal for bulk amounts.

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I think you could contact Steam Pumpkin, since he has good prices and sells in bulk. Perhaps you can reach a deal.


Hello. You can also contact me. I am selling PSN codes too. Just comment on any of my listings.

Excuse me, how can I contact him? This is the first time I use this website.

Steam Pumpkin’s Profile you can check his current available items. He is relisting items few days per week. Sometimes PSN, sometimes XBOX, Amazon, Itunes, Google Play and many other gift cards. Just click Follow button for notification when he post something.

Hi I’m looking for discounted PlayStation cards if you still have:-)