Steam gift cards

Looking to buy steam gift cards in bulk for good deal willing to do it weekly if good enough price

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my steam gift cards have a good price to redeem for yourself, i’m not sure if they have a good price to resell. the cards can be redeemed any time like years later, nothing about redeem asap so it’s safe enough to do whatever with this

What’s price I’m looking to buy them for myself

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i currently only have some US cards on sale, tell me your country

  • This product is applicable for US Steam Wallet Codes store only. (It is NOT redeemable for Steam Wallet Codes accounts created in other countries than United States)

this the “restrictions” about your location

Us account

i guess its a steam wallet code, correct? how much USD you want to redeem ?

i currently have a $10 USD code on sale, you can check this one as example $10.00 USD Steam Wallet Code (US) - Steam Gift Cards - Gameflip

Yes that is the correct codes how much are u selling bundles of them?

how much you want to redeem on each code and how many codes you want in the bundle?

Lets say $100 worth or $200 worrh

i currently only have $43 on my wallet and 3 codes of $10 each

if i had the money, i would do 2 codes of $100 each for $268.40 instead of $279.20

Oh I already get way better deals then that from a other seller sorry