How to get proofs for selling Steam Gift Card Codes?

I am thinking about selling Steam Gift Cards. However i don’t know what to do if a buyer tries to scam me. I mean I am pretty sure the code is working but is there a way to check if the code redeemed or not?

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You can submit a ticket to Steam support and simply ask when code was redeemed.


I did that a lot of times but steam support won’t ever do that, they won’t disclose any information of the card when and where that card has been redeemed, due to their policy, cause they are intended for support when user/customer getting problem on steam, not just for answering a redemption details of card/code which too many doing that

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If you have US steam codes you must be in different country or different steam country store, example you are in Asia or Europe then you can completely check the balance of steam US code, after you put the code, you will see the conversion ex: $50 = 2500php, and you will hit continue to actually redeem it, or hit back to cancel, that’s the way we check the codes if it’s working or not, if you see the conversion rate, meaning code is working, ofcourse codes failed if redeemed or invalid.

never ever test the code if you have same country with the same currency code you have, sample you are in USA, and you will test the US steam codes, it will direct it to your account (redeemed)

open steam account on different region, for example if you are selling usa gift cards, youu open account in other region, when you want check balance go redeem code, system before redeem code will show you balance that its different curreny are you sure redeem it

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