Steam code scam

Hi everyone, does anyone know how to contact steam support to get the log when a steam card is redeemded. I sold an steam card on gameflip, I have reciept of purchase by me and physical card. Only me, who scratch the code and sell on gameflip, but an new buyer coming buy and dispute that the code is redeemed.

hello bro
there are contact forum on steam store
send gift card number and ask redeem time they will answer your question within 1-2 days
upload your evidence redeem time and gift card receipt to dispute as evidence wait dispute
i hope you will win dispute
in here there are many scammer buyers, i have scammed several time here
because i dont want to sell gift cards instant selling only trusted buyers

is this the one you mention about?
Ticket: HT-QJMG-JR2P-Q4G9

Your help request has been submitted to Steam Support. Your reference code is HT-QJMG-JR2P-Q4G9. Once a support agent has responded to your request you will receive a notification email sent to

yes they will reply via email