someone please clear this to me please

how do people sell steam gift cards,where do they gget them from
and most importantly why they sell at discount then in case they bought for cash or watever ,how do they make profit then on gameflip,please explain,because when i checked on steam ,you can only send a gift card to a friend…

sellers can’t give away their secrets just like that, they would lose a lot of customers if they did.

can anyone pls explain.i m so confusd …how they make profit then if they offer like 20% discount etc

There’s so many ways from fraud and phishing to taking advantage of rewards programs and sales. There’s also websites where you can do tasks like surveys and it’s often cheaper to sell an Amazon card vs. cash out via their overpriced PayPal. I’ve also seen people who are allowed to use personal credit cards/rebate sites and earn rewards for company purchases that rack up huge amounts for rewards points. You can also score big deals on Black Friday or other times of the year to be resold later.

ty for rplyin