Steam account balance cash out

Hello Flippers,

I’m a gift card seller on Gameflip and sometimes I redeem some of my gifts by mistake. Is there any way to Buy something from steam store and resell it on Gameflip? .I’m not Familiar with steam so I asked for help. Thanks

you can buy some skins in cs go, dota etc. And then sell em here, but you will loose 30-40% of these cash

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csgo or dota 2 items (but i would recommend more csgo as is more popular) and selling it on gameflip (i can buy even some skins as i buyer. ofc via gameflip)

You got polish surname, are you polish?

yes. i’m from Poland.

witam z warszawy :smiley:

you can buy stuffs on steam market ad resell in gameflip. not games, just in-game items