Tips on selling skins

Hello everybody, I am pretty new to gameflip and selling in general but I have been enjoying using this site. I’m not some hotshot looking to make thousands but I am interested in making some money and enjoying the process. I just have a few questions maybe some more experienced users can help me with.
I’ve had decent success in the past but lately I’ve been having a really hard time selling my csgo skins. I usually look at what skins seem to be popular and selling. I’d rather sell quickly and consistently rather than squeeze every cent I can out of somebody so I always list my skins at a little below the current lowest price. Usually a more popular skin would sell in hours but lately I’ve been waiting a few days for something to sell despite it being the cheapest skin of its kind available. I thought maybe sales were just really slow for everybody but I’ll check how often that skin is being sold and see that the same skins (same wear) will be successfully sold for a higher price while mine doesn’t sell. I imagine some people just see a skin and want to buy it quickly, but it seems like most people would take an extra minute to get the skin for cheaper if they can. Maybe it has to do with people only wanting to buy from certain sellers? But I use only bot trade so it isn’t really an issue of trust. Maybe it is a timing issue? Sometimes I put things up for sale at awkward times like in the morning or late at night but it seems like different timezones would negate that being an issue. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? Am I just being impatient and is it normal for skins to take a while to sell?

If anybody could give me some advice that would be great.

Things to have a look at :
1- Number of rating you have
2- Your logo
3- Your name
4- Your number of items currently on sale .

These above play a very important role when it comes to selling ( Skins )
as the trick here is to make people buy your skins with their eyes and not their hands :slight_smile:

also CS:GO Skins here is kinda hard to sell at your desired price
because normally sellers here buy their skins for 65% of Steam market price and sell it for around 70%-75% of steam market …

so its Challenging … and profit are very not worth it unless you have $1000+ in inventory to sell :slight_smile:

buyers are smart … they look for the cheapest " Usually "
after that they look for the best " Wear " Blue gem % if applied …

trust me they will inspect the skin and see if its worth the price you mentioned or not …

To get everything summarized for you.
The rush buyers you experienced with 6 days ago are gone
and everything went back to normal .

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