Steam skins pricing sugesstion

Hi.I am new seller on gameflip, but i see that suggested prices for skins is pretty bad, you need to record pricing for longer period of time.Many of featured sellers abusing ur pricing system and selling bad skins very overpriced.They have thousands of rating and just cheating your customers.Also it’s bad for new sellers, because this bad skins is recommended for customers.Not fair at all.

It seems to be based on % off current Steam market prices. I suggest always refreshing on web to get updated prices (and also checking 3rd party pricing sites). GF also gives out credits and discounts so sometimes while it’s not the cheapest on the market at the listed price if you get 15% off and $3 back it’s a good deal.

I won’t disagree that Recommended skins could still use some work. While my skins do get displayed it won’t display my best deals (had some stickers and keys go 50% off and it’s always the same users who snatch them up). Would be great if they had a highest % off/best deal page like some other sites.

I’m talking about 0.10$ skins which featured stores selling.Half of stores abusing this and they not making any discount for higher price skins.This stores not deserve featured status as they cheating customers.Old rating helps them to sell that garbage and it’s not fair.New good sellers won’t get so much rating never, they should remove old rating or ignore in recommended algorithm.

will they can’t sell for 0.10 as the lowest you ca go is 0.75

Gameflip not recording price for that skins, they 0.03-0.15$ and this featured stores selling them for 0.75.That what i’m saying

Sometimes people have credits that will expire and they use those skins to get something at least… like previously stated lowest price you’re allowed to list something is 0.75… so regardless if its a 2 cent skin, thats the price. Sure, it floods the market with worthless skins… maybe they can implement where it has to be worth at least 50 cents on the steam market, but I don’t know.

On normal markets those abusers not getting promoted by website and users getting best offers on first pages.But not on gameflip.Those featured sellers with high feedback ranks everytime getting first pages.Normal customer not getting relevant skins to buy, he seeing only garbage and way overpriced skins.Even if user searching for categorys, he can’t see good offers.Just few examples
1.It’s main page, what customer see.

Just garbage, no good offers, overpriced cases and skins, marketplace looks dead.(All skins from featured and high rated sellers)
2.If user not leave this website after step 1, he will try to search some skins, maybe rifle, he choose rifle in filter.
What he see now?Only overpriced skins, nothing to buy, again and same on other pages, no way for buyer to search skins with fair price.
It’s huge problem, looks like no one cares about this and website dead (Really looks like dead with steam skins).
If someone here still interesting in pushing sales here, he should change this algorithm.Bad sellers should be removed from featured stores.They not selling any good skins anymore, only highly overpriced skins. Also need to change algorithm, customer need to see good deals, skins with good and fair price (On first places should be skins with higher discount in value (Not in percentage).You will remove all this bad sellers from first pages listing and promote new sellers with fair skins price. (Also not consider old rate, they just use this to sell overpriced skins)

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@MajorTom can you say something about this?Also i see that CSGO have very low sales on gameflip.

yea pricing sometimes is wrong on csgo because is taking actually price from market and if i added item 1-2 months ago it can be now overprices because xmas time and many people are selling their skins on market and skins are just cheaper.

Csgo section has this problem, that after last updates are adding randomy items and mostly are stickers, cases that 90% of people dont care about.

I’m featured store with over 30k rating and my items doesn’t show up on first page. I think i was making good prices and still people couldn’t see my skins even for days/weeks. After i added same item (even for higher price) on different website i sold after 2-3 hour.

Csgo needs better algorithms, it should be like this

Ignore stickers/cases/keys-> add skins on first pages -> look if seller if featured -> look at % off on item -> put first bot trade items

That should be better for good sellers and buyers.
Buyers are lazy people (no offense to anyone but even i’m like this when i buy stuff) and they just will not check 100 pages to find any item. They will check first pages and if gonna be cases/keys or stickers, they will not buy anything.