Game-flip are you using new advertising Technic ?


i know its fun and great to sell something for 40%-100% profit
but the prices are kinda high … i mean normally skins marketplaces are used to attract “Buyers” with good prices , Specially Csgo skins .

But my Question is Who would buy an item that is 1.5X over priced then Steam or any other marketplace ?

i mean Steam it self got all kind of payment systems to be used , so there are no other excuses to actually pay 1.5x the item price if he can get it for 1.5x cheaper and faster and from the "official seller "

i know its safe for us " sellers " but it still something going over my head since it started

also Gameflip right now is very warm welcoming new sellers …
because now EVERYONE can be Rich Quick in here " the over pricing "

i can till that also new sellers never sold something in their life … and yet he is here selling , its like you dont have to work hard to make money anymore in gameflip … its like dude ! just buy from steam and sell here EASY !

its For some reason will kill the Gameflip reputation " as prospective buyers " not sellers …
Trust me sellers are like in heaven here right now . i wonder if they even sleep now … 2x Cup of Coffee and sell items 24hrs …

anyway after 4 days of thinking about this over and over , my brain is kinda telling me this is growth hack Technic ( money is being spent on this Technic instead of it being spent in normal sponsors and ads campaigns "
to get the attention of the sellers and bring new and lot of sellers into the marketplace so the Price can be very Competitive later on when everything get back to normal " When no one will buy the 1.5x priced items "
which lead to bringing good amount of new buyers to buy … and so the site goes very well known in csgo skins communities and forums …etc Mouth to mouth …etc so they it get it huge Spike .

yea that is all ,

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