Suspicious buyers

Hello, can i ask what is going on ? There is like 10 or more suspicious accounts without avatars on the site that are buying almost everything without caring about the prices at all. are they legit? i am worried about this situation.

Yea, same here.
I notice that i sell now almost everything. All knife (csgo) went sold in one night.

Who are these sellers selling IDR codes? I mean look at this profile and look at the buyers:

all of the buyers user names are like just smashing the keyboard and submiting.

I notice less of these account. I hope gameflip will fix it. Is nice to sell faster but not when buyer is scammer.


There are again many suspicious bayers.
I sold almost every skin i have. I added something with stupid price and i sale in 10s.

So, I added one of these “suspicious buyers” to ask how he buy stuff.

He said that he has 25k$ on website. Tried to ask him how he got these. Answer i got: “is secret”

same here.

There is something Fishy going on here and im really scared … i have around $2000 in my balance …waiting to be withdrawn , i contacted support regarding this and waiting for the answer …

anyways …are you guys okay withdrawing your money ? having any troubles ?

I just removed all my bot transfer items from gameflip.Its really scary.

yea … i think its better to try to stay out of this for a while until we hear something from support or we get to the final results of this :slight_smile:

I sold everything so i cant remove any sale. I sold some 'non-bot" skins and i will send all them after gameflip answer.

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I agree with not selling untill everything backs to normal and i feel like selling right now would be site abusing. I hope that we will get some info from gameflip soon. I dont believe that they haven’t noticed what is happening.

i think you get trouble or problem if you sell with “crazy” overprice and the “rich man” buy it. just my opinion.
“crazy” overprice is when sugges $80 you sell for 2x($160) or 3x($240) or 4x etc. from that sugges. again, just my opinion.

It doesnt metter if you sell for normal price or overprice. “rich man” will buy anyway. We just wanna answer from gameflp what is going on here

I sold some stuff but now i wanna answer from gameflip. I’m not gonna add any skin.

it doesnt matter if you sell on steam community market. but here we are. if you know about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) it would be nice when company take the overprice for create event or something. who knows. but again, just my opinion.

You know, skins doesn’t have standard price. Mostly is from actually market price. But is not food or something else.

Accounts like that are created daily and we ban them daily. That’s why we have the feature to hold funds when you sell something and your account is new, otherwise they’d be able to cash out, but they’re not.

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The buyers don’t pose any threat to any user or Gameflip itself. Feel free to re-list your items.
Many of these purchases cannot be charged back too.

As always, we’ll continue to analyze new buyer accounts to ensure Gameflip is a safe marketplace for all.

Great feature! So many of them come on Gameflip to try to scam and then run. Holding their money and not giving it to them will teach them not to come back.