Newbie on the site

Sup. I’m new on the site and dear god what the hell is happening here… Everybody is trying to scam me, fake GameFlip accounts, people asking for steam then deleting me when I ask where is my money. Is somebody making money here? Somebody buying things here? If yes, tell me how can I acquire this. Thanks!

Not everyone scamming!!!

buy from sellers with more than 20 positive ratings

We are sorry to hear that. As some suggested, we also suggest you to buy from reputable sellers.

I’d recommend you to read our Gameflip Guarantee article below:

We cannot guarantee 100% that all users from Gameflip will be legitimate, but if you run into a problem with a seller who is not, you can definitely rely on us. The Gameflip Guarantee will protect you.

i would use a different site if i was you

Yes,there are a lot of scammers on this site. But I know there are many trusted sellers and buyers too.Here are some tips for you:
1.Dont sell any item to anyone unless he placed the order on the site,even he is saying he will got first to pay you on the paypal because he can withdraw the payment.
2.Record all the process when you trade,buying and selling both,if someone tries to scam then you have the proof and you will win in the dispute.
3.Check if the payment goes through before you deliver!
I am a new seller to this site,I think you should have some faith on this site,but stay cautious,ALWAYS!
Good luck with the sale!

How can I report these guys with fake Gameflip accounts? It’s happening too