Someones buying entire bot-trade items on gameflip?


This is Tom Bombadil, One of RL item seller and featured store owner.

Even i do not sell bot-trade items such as “CS skins”, lately Me and my friend noticed that a high volume buys happening in 1-2 days by only 2-3 people. Its like they buying entire items on gameflip which is smells like so fishy and scam.

The question is why gameflip stuff not interfere on this fishy thing. The other question, the sellers will be get all payments even if this “fishy guys” bought the all items? How to gameflip will handle this huge buys and payments?

Honestly, i am really worry about the future of gameflip right now. This is the only place where i sell my stuffs. We’re doing investments for huge inventory sell.

A big but, I am pretty sure, so many seller started to think to move another website for sell their stuffs. As top sellers, we want to contact immediately with admins or support while face such a big things. No one is around to answer our questions. Answers comes so delayed. You guys immediately take an action or those guys doing some robbery in here otherwise gonna lose entire sellers and buyers.

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I have no clue what is happening, but i’m one of bigger seller in csgo skins.
First time i noticed it like 4-5 days ago, when some buyers with weird names bought almost everything. But later it was like gameflip fixed it.
From yesterday some buyers (more than 2) start to buy everything again in csgo section. I added one of these “buyers” and i asked him what is going on. His answer was;
“I have 25k$ in gameflip"
I asked him how he got, he:
'is a secret”

That all i could do as seller.

maybe they won dota ti7 with all prize around $2 million, :rofl: or maybe they buy bitcoin when bitcoin price is $100 then now the price bitcoin want $5000 . or maybe they want create something inovation new project or something. or again maybe that skins for gambling (even you dont know when addiction gambler lose, he want play more and spend money without use brain again) ahaha. just my speculation

Well, it would be nice.
I hope is not any of fraud or bug on gameflip they use.
All we can do is just waiting on gameflip.

It’s a big problem…I’m loosing a ton of money because I removed all my item from gameflip… and all other user can"t buy my item anymore because it’s not on gameflip.

A lot of user will see that no items are on sale anymore and will leave gameflip so we are loosing future sales…

If they are hacker, will we receive our money? But if they are not hacker… i just removed my item for nothing, I could have made a ton of money with these crazy buyer…

We need a VIP support. I’m selling a lot of items every month… I need to have some security. I invested a lot of money on this project like all of you…

I send a message on gameflip’s facebook 6 hours ago… I’m still waiting for an answer.

Hope it’s not some kind of exploit or bug, cause if that’ll be the case I’ll go broke

that’s what it looklike for me…

It’s really bad for us, and bad for gameflip image too… gameflip could lost a lot of buyer/seller if everyone loose their confidence in this website.

I’ll just be patient. I hope that all will be fine at the end.

We’re still waiting an answer and i understand all of u worry about it. Including me.

I hope its legit, i’ll remove all my item from gameflip!
I have many buyers with 1 feedback, my feedback, but i think this thing is for the gameflip 1$ gift to invite people. Is this thing legit?

because you greedy man, ahah im joking. just relax

I do not know why, but they don’t look professional.Feels like they dont care about us. At least they can explain.

instead of focusing on gameflip crypto, you guys should first work on the site support, a platform with more than 2 million users should have a 24x7 support

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Yes, the problem is not people who buy. But sellers dont know what to do. Sell more or stop? If these guys are legit we wanna know it, so we can sell more. If they are not legit, we can stop selling. Now i stopped for a little and i wait for any answer.

yes, its another big topic but firstly we need answers urgently

Please share this topic to other big sellers. We need more attention to here

Such problem was long time ago in G2A, some people make account and sold fraud cdkeys that revoked after some time, but in g2a available balance became after 7 days only so they buyed with balance itunes and sold them to supply who pay instant money, and after some time client just lose they money and game.

I think same problem happen here, Fraud people made couple seller account here without ID because they don’t need to withdrawn balance, and made many client account and brought some “Magic items that nobody will buy and can’t check valid are they” from Fraud Seller account, and after that they just use this balance to buy skins because all people know skins can sell instant on many websites…

But this is only my theory, this will be huge problem if sellers will be not protected against such fraud and Gameflip need to make some limits for new registered sellers and clients.

For new sellers need like processing money will be available to balance and withdraw after 7-14 days.
Same for client make some restriction how much client can buy in week or month
This will protect sellers and gameflip.

And if i m correct you guys who sold skins here will not lose money gameflip will just give you “Flipcoin” and because of that flipcoin will Rise in price and you will receive your money and gameflip will make nice money on it too.

Sellers should not loose money, cuz they dont know who is buyer. Well, this time we noticed it and we wanna help gameflip. But catching scammers is not our job.

well I’m going to take my listing off for now as it surely seems like a bug

Man have you worked with other like gameflip ? :slight_smile:
G2A they just take your money from balance with charge-back commission.
Kinguin they just take items price and charge-back commission they pay
Ebay only if this with track-number you can be protected…
Paypal all know this is painpay…
Stripe they just make chargeback+commission and that’s all you can’t do anything
I m working over 7 years in online sales and nobody give you 100% protection