Someones buying entire bot-trade items on gameflip?

Since you can cash out, why not sell more? Unless there’s evidence of fraud, Gameflip won’t do anything. People can buy with Bitcoins, and no one knows who they are.

I would cash out and sell more :slight_smile: if I have inventory.

It’s exactly what i am thinking. Also %100 agree about “that security time” .

But look at this… Still no answer and no explanation…

you can’t cash out so fast like that. My bitcoin request still waiting since 3-4 days… Never got my bitcoin payments in 1-2 days. It takes a lot time.

Ah, I was assuming you cash out using PayPal

paypal cash out are not instant anymore. Did a withdraw 9 hours ago… still waiting it…

The same is for me. I made a withdrawal 12 hours ago and it stays on “need approval”. I really hope all it’s ok. All my savings to move out are on gameflip, losing that would be fatal for me. Gosh.

For me it’s written “cash out” $xxxx.xx, but I received nothing on paypal… (it’s not written pending, or need approval)…

This is how withdrawals look like for me

You’re looking at your balance activity. Should check the withdrawal history

Anyway, support is ON now, cuz i get answer for my old email. But they still did nothing about buyers.

ohh yeah same for me “need aproval”

yes support is on now , and the buyers are still there guess they are legit then, maybe they really bought bitcoin when it was low, or maybe they are very rich

Well, would be nice if support wrote to us “they are legit”, so we could just sell without any problems.

now there nick/username mafiacanbuy . interesting

can you give a link to profile?

i just see there knife and mafiacanbuy want negotiable

Now they have paid me the lowest withdraw that i made for 1$ to proof if the delay on the other payments was because of the amount.

no official answer from gameflip? I suspended all my sales while not getting an answer on this, the mysterious buyer bought all my most expensive items

Hello guys,

After examining the sales from the past few days we find no frauds whatsoever.
Thus, you can keep listing your items normally so you can continue to sell more items within Gameflip.

Will this situation affect somehow your payouts?
Definitely not. The payouts will be processed normally as well.

Be assured that we are monitoring the marketplace and we will advise any inconsistencies or issues if we have one of those.

I’ll be around, so feel free to reach me for help at any time.

Thank you,


Thanks! , that’s a relief.