Someones buying entire bot-trade items on gameflip?

So i wait for my payment and I invest more.

So why does our payout needs approval if all is fine?

I am taking a deep breathe right now but still please consider to at least a vip support for your top sellers who can reach you with short times

This is very normal. Payouts takes 1-7 business days to process.

If you made a payout during the weekend, it will start processing the next business day during the morning.

Please, contact me dirtectly via PM, I’ll receive an e-mail and will be able to check your request as soon as possible.

i will keep this information on my mind. Thanks for heads up. Honestly, we’ve waited all day long to take an answer. Thanks a lot

Other payout were instant… I just have to wait since today… then, if you says that’s it’s secure to sell, I’ll sell on gameflip.

One more question, why bank payout option is gone?

Our provider is updating their support for bank transfer and now we’re waiting for a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience. We’re working with them to get this resolved as soon as possible.

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@all Official Statement: Increase in Bot-trade Sales

I just registered gameflip today and I was having a little heart attack until I read your comment dear lovely Biscuit :smile:

Is it possible to message you directly?

Why is it now 1-7 instead of 1-2? Even your support was saying 1-2 yesterday. Why do I need to be verified all the sudden when you store more info about me than my bank does? You claim to have done all this research to assure us things are safe but no one has received a significant sum of money.

Also brand new accounts which clearly aren’t real and is the same just abusing the referral buying tons of items. This site is a mess.

I’ve been receiving some payouts with 15 up to 20 hours delayed :confused:

I submitted several support tickets. After doing several things to try and verify my purchase i sent them a screenshot of my statement showing that the payment had been made on my side. However it still says pending on my activity list and the money isnt i my gameflip wallet. My support ticket number is 166856 please help me.

I need help please contact me!!! ASAP I’ve been trying to contact your team but non of them answer!!! I already @ y’all on Twitter and nothing!!! Worse experience ever! I thought this was a legit app! But no y’all have scammers, I need help!!! Please contact me!!