Possible Scam With CSGO Skins?

So someone contacted me recently saying he wanted to buy my CSGO skin using gameflip. He told me to put a listing on there but don’t actually trade it to the Gameflip bot. I have never sold CSGO skins on this site. He seems fishy and like a scammer and is overpaying a lot, so I was wondering what would happen if I gave the skin to him and he asks for a refund saying he didn’t get the skin. I know that a common way of scamming is to say you didn’t get the item and ask for a refund. Is this possible with CSGO skins, even if I take screenshots and record the trade.

If i list my skin on gameflip and he buys it, and I send the skin to him with the trade link provided what if he doesn’t rate and says he never got it? I just don’t want to be scammed :slight_smile:

That buyer wants the Deliver Method labeled:

I will coordinate with buyer to transfer. Important: You must send the item within the promised time frame. Do NOT send the item to the buyer until payment processing is successful.

Make sure your listing appears in https://gameflip.com/listings/sold which means that person actually paid for the item, and then you deliver the item. If you choose the bot deliver method then the bot will automatically deliver the item when the buyer has paid.

Make sure your conversations with the buyer is through the message/chatbox in the Gameflip order page, so that can be used as evidence in case there is a dispute.

Nevertheless, if the buyer seems fishy, then don’t do it.

So if I take screenshots and record a video of the trade and I use gameflips chat, is there anyway he can scam me?

If the scammer didn’t pay and you give them the item then there’s nothing Gameflip can do.

if he did buy it, and the payment was processed theres no way he can scam me and ask for a refund right?

You can use the screenshots and videos as evidence that you actually delivered the item, so the money he paid will go to you.

ok thanks if you could tell me what i need to screenshot that would be cool. thanks

Here’s the how to sell CSGO skin without bot: https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006105973-How-to-Sell-CSGO-Skins-Items

but what should i take screenshots of? im confused

should i record a video of me sending the item to him?

Yeah, record that you sent (as Gift) to the correct Trade URL of the buyer, after confirming that it was sold of course. Don’t just send to any one giving you a trade url.

wait im selling a csgo skin do i have to send it as a gift?

Basically, instead of sending skin to a Bot, now you send skin directly to the buyer after it’s sold on Gameflip. A bot is nothing but an automated steam account.

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