Suspicious buyers

Speaking of crazy purchases, someone bought my listing for $666. When I asked if they understood what they bought, they said no. I looked into their account and they also sold something random for $99. It looks like theirs a lot of money laundering taking place.

That’s why we’re still looking into some of these accounts.

I think two issues are being mixed up here.

The people mentioned in this post aren’t trying to cash out money. They are buying skins at absurd prices and converting some cash source to skins. $5 a key and 3x steam value for knives. Sellers are worried these people are going to chargeback or something and then we’ll have no skins or money. Some sellers have inventories that took months or years to build that sold in a day. It just seems impossible for there not to be someone that loses lots of money in this situation.

On the other hand sellers who have been around years are trying to cash out this weekend and none have received yet.

However, if a chargeback isn’t possible then I guess the card issuer would be responsible. Either way it’s leaving almost nothing for real buyers.

Hey, @000, please see those two links regarding this whole situation:

Regarding the sales:

Regarding the payouts:

Thank you!

Should we report suspicious accounts Joker? would that help to support team?

remove $1 reward for new users, this can help to no have more fake buyers

Anything you find suspicious, feel free to report and give detailed info on why you think it’s suspicious. To make our support more efficient, please submit only one report per user.