These ads are practically as scam

What leads a seller to post another 100 ads for a csgo box for 0.75? which are actually worth their meager 0.01, this sounds like scam to me! I do not think these ads are legal. please take a look adms! @op_JOkEr @DunnBiscuit

He probably just wants them out of his inventory

That’s not a scam lol

Lowest price of any item is 0.75$, and spectrum 2 case is in-game item, its not forbidden but I think it’s pointless selling that, no one is going to buy that.

the gameflip stipulates up to 1.5 x the value of the item, it’s one thing to get a rare knife or a rare Skin and put the price of it up there, above the suggested price, because of the float, pattern or even stickers, but it’s worth every penny sometimes. now take items of 0.01 cents and increase the value of it 75x, this to me is crazy thing, imagine if everyone did it? gameflip would not have as many bots to deposit! But I really would like to know from an Adm if you find this correct on the platform!