Someone is selling Cheap z1br items to himself for 50$ through various fake accounts

He is spamming the z1br section with cheap stuff all listed for the same price (50$) sold to accounts with similar names so im pretty sure it’s the same person

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Helo, can you share with me the link to these listings?

I can investigate this further then.


They are many but here is one of them which will probably lead to the others

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What does he gain by doing this? he loses the selling fees to GF. Even if he’s using coupons to gain a couple of bucks I don’t think it’ll cover it because you still pay fees for withdrawing AFAIK? There’s also PayPal fees.

He uses the gameflip club free trial on many accounts which offers 0 fees limited to 50$ monthly so he benefits from this plus the use of coupons (which sometimes discount up to 8$) and promos which may sometimes give 5$ on purchasing items 50$ or more

Ok I see. Only low lifes will have to go through that whole process just to gain a couple of bucks a day. I feel sorry for the mods that have to clean up the store all the time from such people.

Not couple of bucks you can gain up to 10$ on the one account during this proccess imaging doing it for many fake accs (say 10 for ex) you will get about 100$ profit in no time but

Correct but it really depends on the person. Some people are willing to, for example, walk 10 kilometers just to get $1, or work for hours sitting on a computer just to get $1, or even committing a frowned upon acts just for a measly couple of bucks like the guy that you reported.

Personally I won’t do such thing for a couple of reasons: I find it wrong to exploit Gameflip’s discounts for myself in that way, and im also not willing to waste hours and effort doing something wrong just to get a free $50. Creating fake emails, Gameflip accounts, listing items, buying it for yourself, withdraw money and repeat, all that just for $50? It’s only a once in your lifetime thing because you’re gonna get caught and get banned either way, so it’s not like something you can do for ever to invest your time in effort into. A lot of people aren’t willing to do something this shameful even if it’s considered legit lol.

This is why I threw in the “lowlife” comment before.

actually there will only be one fee if you make the deposit beforehand. When you pay with card for every purchase you’re paying for the purchase price along with the charge because the credit is not already on gameflip. If you deposit like a couple hundred bucks all the $50 purchases you make will be free of extra charges so you could use the discounts and not get any extra charge on the deals you get

But I do completely agree with previous comment about taking advantage of gameflip. It’s a great app and a great way to save money and make everybody happy. Once people start abusing the system whichever way that may be, that’s when all the benefits to the masses start to fall and then nobody benefits not even the people who are taking advantage before against the regulations that were set in place before