The same skin sold more than 30 times

You get $6 each time

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3$ not 6$ btw i reported something similar in the h1z1 section here but they stil comeback with many random usernames like uhff33djouu78 and no profile pictures i hope they find a fix to this

You get $3 for buy and $3 extra for sale… ez money

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but are multiple accounts not allowed
so how will they get 3 usd more

They are multiple accounts run by same person

he did the same thing with the other item worth 35$ when the promotion was for seller , now hes doing it with this particular item because the promotion is for buyers

but dont u get only 1 time this 3 usd,why he listing so many times,how many acounts does he have

he has created so many fake ids that in every id he gets 3$ credit

but doesnt he need to give verification for all…how can he do it if he same

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does it matter? he is scamming gameflip, thats what matters.

@J_Diego you need to post a link to the seller so moderators can take care of it


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That’s what makes me mad everytime i report them to gameflip they comeback with many fake ids how tf did they pass all these fake accs from verification or its sone kind of hack or bug idk

I suggest that this kind of promotions should be available only for accounts that have at least 30 days or so.

Seems like Gameflip doesn’t have enough staff to check this type of abusing, you can go to Dota market and check “Sold Items” and you will see.