Someone abusing discount code in gameflip market in dota 2 thread

They were bunch of fake account abusing discount code in gameflip market using multiple account they created. You should look up and clean your market from this abuser with bunch of fake account. This happen since long time ago but still no action yet. They keep selling same item at all times someone must stop this abuser.

Because this thing gonna make coupon code quota for everyone reducing drastically. And with spamming or abusing posted list no one will get benefit from their sale.

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Honestly this issue has been around for quite awhile. Gameflip should implement some sort of IP address ban so they can’t just keep making more and more accounts. Or maybe a limit on number of accounts created on each IP address since anyone can just make get their accounts banned and then just make new ones. This is an ongoing problem in my eyes. If you look at the names of the sellers, it’s literally just keyboard spam. How they get past the mobile number verification thing so seamlessly is a mystery to me as well.

Edit: looking at your screenshots, there might actually be legit sellers. Some might be selling the same item over and over again due to the fact that they are arcanas and are popular amongst traders but that excludes the $100 weather orb looking things.

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I dont think the arcanas is legit sale. Because the posted sf arcanas list:

1- From same seller/abuser which selling those weather orb thing with crazy price.

2- There is more sf arcanas that is still in posting list for sale with more lower and reasonable price though.

Yeah then idk. Couldn’t tell from your ss that they are all from same seller. These aren’t cheap items to get so I can’t believe a person who actually owns all these items to begin with would exploit the coupon codes.

IP bans are not good.

  1. Many IPS give you different IP daily or everytime you reset your modem.
  2. Many IPS has limited numbers of IP so they just switch between user, and it could happens that one day you would get banned IP.

@DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr @DarkKnight

Hmm didn’t know that. Perhaps a hardware ban? Some games have that for banned cheaters but not sure if a website like Gameflip would be able to implement such a thing. I feel like the options are quite limited.

Hardware ban is pretty complicated to do and also would request extra software to install by user.

Right now, is pretty good. Gameflip allow mulit-accounts and they can track if somoene is from same pc or not.

The thing is, this type of thing still happens. I’m curious what other thing Gameflip can do to stop this. It’s like until we can single out these abusers is when they are able to find the abuser and their associated accounts and ban them all.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the report @Mr_Mdizudeen!

Could you please provide me a link to one of these orders or the user’s profile?

God Speed! :trident:

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Hello everyone!

We were able to remove these exploiters and this issue is currently solved :wink:

Thanks again for the report and hope everyone has an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident: