Someone keeps exploiting the buyer promo by buying selling Cheap stuff for 20$ to himself from another account


It’s so obvious i mean 1 of these crates don’t even worth 1$ and also most of his ratings are from accounts that look like they have been recently made
Here is his account check the ppl that rate him too :


@galacticarm @DunnBiscuit @Tali


Omg i have just checked ppl who rate him and almost all of them do the same thing but with different cheap items but they all sold them at 20$ to get the 5$ add, and i was wondering why the remaining quantity in the promo is decreasing so quickly


Promo quantity is enough for all users don’t worry.Take yours and chill


Well no, i guess @Triplou is right.
I hope @DunnBiscuit can take a look.


Sadly if that true they’re breaking ToS.
They’re doing right by reporting it.

Thank you

Lucy :heart:


True because the promotion is for 1 per User.
Not 1 per multiple ID’s of the same user.

While one may argue it’s not the same user but If @Triplou is stating is factual, then they have broken TOS as one cannot have multiple id’s.


Thanks for reporting guys, I’ll investigate it asap.