someone is abusing the promotion by making fake accounts

i realized that this particular person who has many fake ids is abusing the current promo code and the promotion,kindly ban him as soon as possilbe

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@MajorTom sir kindly look into this , this guy is ruining experience for soo many gameflipers by abusing the promotion and creating fake ids

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These are all his fake accounts and its how hes abusing the promos , kindly check the selling history as well so u can understand that every promotion hes abusing the promo at max and thats how he adjust his prices to get the most benefit

Hello Maulik_Pandya,

Thanks for reporting this user. I will further investigate it

sir can u also check my promotional issue if possible

Profile code=FBPSDJ

order id=73cdb2f2-eab7-4a03-b23c-d8cfcbba528c