ARE YOU FOR REAL NOW ?! 1 keys sold for $2,500 !!

okay im very very worried now even thought after joker made an announcement and all of that relaxing thing

But This thing is just …

Common now !!! dont tell me Everything is okay !!

i dont really think its okay now …

Please dont tell me that everything is Good and legit

because now saying this is way more scarier then saying oh yes this is scammer !

you got what i mean ?


That it just something hard to believe but it’s true!! That’s something crazy.

i just got some information

but its there said submitted 1 year ago

you could say this “rich man” maybe stole someone else’s credit card again

@DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr maybe admin check this suspicious buyer and seller

  1. suspicious buyer (stolen credit card suspect)
  2. suspicious seller (hope can payout or buy skins when price normal again/ credit card balanced 0) sure if he cannot / not able to payout he will wait for normal condition and buy skin.

this just my opinion

And all his friends doing the same thing!stolen cards. That make sense now! And now can you tell us how this will effect gameflip and all of us? Do we gonna have any problems with our payout requests?

Hey @GuLo,

Can you please send us the listing you saw, so we can investigate this further?


I think this is the one he’s talking about @DunnBiscuit

@DunnBiscuit listing what ? seller or buyer ? its hard. im just user, you may easy check because you the one of gameflip team who can access your file listing or something i didnt know. you can check on your site too the “suspicious seller” and “suspicious buyer” how i know im just user. ==a

This is the listing link


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You guys doing like you have no idea what is going on the last 2 days in gameflip!

It’s probably a missclick by one of the high buyers. I dont think it was intentional. THey are getting rid of their cash very fast so they are most likely clicking everything they can as fast as they can, and this key was probably hidden between keys priced at 2.5$.

Remember when you were telling me to chill earlier? You are submitting information we all had yesterday. Try to keep up.

no wonder

like i said before this suspect

No, I saw another screen of a $750 key.

if you try fight me. and like your comment useless not even give some information. not helping just cry and rush. just shutup

Your information isn’t useful, that’s why I’m saying. You are clueless and way behind. Also, that article was published a month ago and has nothing to do with this. Get a better translator so we can actually understand you.

you wrong, not a month ago, its year ago for suspect… show me what you get.

“SEPT. 7, 2017” is not a year ago. If it was it would be even more useless and unrelated though. Again, you need a translator as your English makes almost no sense. Try Google.