Scammer and lied

Hello guys and girls !!! I am reporting this user( ) because he is a liar and dishonest, I do not want anything from the gameflip because I knew the risk, I posted a knife for 159 and that user wanted to pay 147, I said I would do it for this value (147) but he would give items worth 10. he said he would give the items after I changed the price of the knife to 147 . I changed the price and he bought it, I sent the trade and after that he blocked me in steam and in the gameflip. As I said, I’m creating this post not to charge anything of the gameflip, 10 $ I do not need any, but I have character and honesty. this seller or buyer is dishonest and a liar. please do not buy anything from him and do not fall for his lies! Thank you to anyone who reads! Skin House

Profile scam and lie man !