How to rekt scammers - Community Guide #1

Hello @Turbo_Skins, this is one guide of many other that we will create. So this subject you mentioned will be covered in another one.

Thanks for the feedback!


Very good! lul

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Hey why is my money not showing up on pay pal I transferred my funds from gameflip to pay pal an don’t see anything pending

Hello, can you send me your invite code via PM so i can check it further?

Also, if you need any other help, create a new topic. This one is for the community guide.


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AS3B7N this is the number for my invite code


I really enjoyed this. :+1:

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Nice made! :joy:

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How do I rek a scammer that sold me a legitimate code for a Xbox game that worked for over two weeks, then mysteriously stopped working soon after?

Come to find out, this seller was able to refund the game. It made the code I purchased no longer valid. I can prove this. Because I contacted Microsoft support and gave them that same code. They explained to me the original owner had the code refunded. Now, I need some rekking advice, please.

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Please open a ticket to the support team here:

Send all the information you have about the code stopped working so we can help you further.


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Interesting and funny haha.

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So why is he with 100% good feedback?

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What about buyers who trying to scam and gameflip is doing nothing about them?


But what can i do when a new user bought code and then says me its not worked already used!

Well, this guide seems amazing… I would like to know more about it…!!!

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This one is hilarious keep up the good work!

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Make sense…..

This is true it happens on my listings a lot.

Does any one know how I can contact gameflip I got scammed for 50 bucks

Hello @Jack_Frost,

You can feel free to contact the support team using the link below.

God Speed! :trident:

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