Scam Attempt By OriginsBuB

Hello guys I am Daddy Fast Trades, ( )

I am kinda new but I sold and bought some items in a very short time. All of my trades went smooth and fast until this night!
I saw a listing on Rocket League Steam 100 keys for 49$ ( ) I looked at the seller and saw his sold items like this one. So, I trusted his rating and old sales and bought the item. But then he said he is at work and at the same second he clicked on “items are delivered thing” I opened a dispute and commented on some sales of him to warn people. He understood he can’t scam me and wanted to cancel order but he couldn’t because I opened a dispute. I hope support is very strict about it and ban his account and IP from gameflip. This site has a great potential and it will be bigger if they act strict about scammers!

Please be careful about this guy and all scammers! We should share scammers here before they waste more people’s time!

And any idea about avarage response time of support team? Will they refund my money as soon as they see my dispute?

I got my money back in less than 12 hours. Thanks Gameflip for quick solution. Unfortunately, that guy is still trying to sell and scam people. I hope he will gets what he deserves!

Hm you are lucky your dispute resolved within 12 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely! I have another dispute, it and I am waiting for 21 hours :frowning:

Hey, please send me your ticket number and if possible a link to his account so we can look into further.