Gameflip : A Steaming Heap of Sh*t feat. The Worst Support Team on Earth

I contacted your support twice already about what was positively a scam. I sent screenshots from every point in the trade process. Two separate buyers sent me two identical order IDs for 100 Rocket League Triumph Crates within 5 minutes of each other. I did not notice they were identical because I was in “the trading groove,” but really I thought they actually sold, since I received two notifications of sale. The second sale window did not have “delivered” checked, even though I had already checked delivery for the first and rated the buyer. Right after the trade though, when navigating to “purchases,” the second sale has just disappeared, as well as the notification.

After digging around a lot: your website is insanely unclear about the fact you cannot post your Steam profile link (instead you must private message the buyer) but your support email literally did nothing to help me. No explanation, just an apology.The thing is, veteran traders do not follow your “wait 10 minutes before you trade” or “don’t post your profile link” rules, but I’m of course the one that gets scammed still, because my luck is straight from the depths of a barrel of ■■■■.
This scammer’s two accounts are obviously run by the same person or two people in coordination with each other, so the fact that my profile link was posted MEANS NOTHING ANYWAY. The second buyer could just as easily have copied my steam profile link since we had just traded; he did not need to pull it from one of my listings. Furthermore, I absolutely did receive two notifications of sale, though you say “there’s no record.” Whether or not that was a result of an incredibly quick profile name change or what, I do not know, but the fact that after looking into this matter, all you guys can say is “we can’t find a purchase generated by that user” is so concerning. There WAS another purchase, and as soon as I checked delivered, the purchase window mysteriously disappeared, and the scammer immediately went offiline.

The scam account has no real friends, owns only Rocket League with 21 hours played, and has been offline ever since this happened (who the hell buys 100 crates that are only dropping in price for a game they’ve never played, and then doesn’t play the game for even 1 minute over the next 3 days? Nobody, because it is OBVIOUSLY a second dummy scam account. I have no more evidence to give you guys, since I gave you everything you asked for + more. You’ve explained absolutely nothing to me and decided to rule in the buyer’s favor, likely because you guys have no way of actually verifying anything at all anyway, and it’s a lot easier to retain buyers since sellers assume your protection works, until they get burned like me.

Apparently having untouched screenshots of the whole transaction, and having the full order ID sent to you over Steam chat actually means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So again, thank you guys for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I’m sure that you will suddenly suspend my account for no apparent reason because I posted this, and I’ll be totally banned from all of my funds with absolutely no support, just like all of your STELLAR recent reviews I’ve been reading have been describing. Sad, and absolutely unbelievable. Gameflip is a far bigger scam than the scammers who actually use it!! ■■■■■■■. WOW.

This was a good read. Thanks!

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Thank you, I appreciate the kind words!^ Gameflip is not even worth their 10 % commission, let alone entrusting a huge wallet of funds with. Obviously all they care about is money; not standing behind their customers. I honestly would not be totally surprised if the scammer is just another greedy member of Gameflip’s support team, because I don’t really understand how I possibly could have gotten a second notification of sale and the option to check delivery otherwise. The whole thing is very fishy to me, but the dude is still making more purchases on Gameflip, even though I reported both of his accounts with all of this evidence attached. I’d be surprised if they even actually read my email at all in the first place, because it sure did not sound like it.

I think Vanilla is being sarcastic. You should edit your original post to use paragraphs, and remove the curse words or the moderators may just lock this thread.

Can you clarify how you were scammed? Did you deliver an item to someone who never paid for the item? Where did you read that “two notifications of sale”, hopefully it isn’t the comment section. Could you please read this sell help guide and see what you did differently?

If you clean up that post then maybe a moderator would be more inclined to help you. Leave your invite code or order/transaction ID so they can tell who you are on Gameflip.


My post is fine, if the format is too wonk for you to read/understand, fine that’s your business, it makes no difference to me. I’m simply hoping to help one or two people to not be scammed by this person --> the scammer witll send an identical order ID for an identical listing on two separate accounts, but you will only be paid for one of the transactions. So yes, I should have noticed the order IDs were the same, but no, I don’t think that means Gameflip is obligated to do absolutely nothing! This will probably be deleted, but not because it’s got blurred out swear words (which I fully have the right to use here).

Hello, hello.

Despite your offensive behaviour, Im indeed inclined to help you. So, if you do want help, please send me via PM your invite code and/or ticket number, so I can check your case and understand what happened?

Now to your post. You don’t have the right to be offensive towards anyone, luckly for you the system blocked your bad words and your post didn’t got directly to Spam, so I could read it.

Thank you.