Dispute - Scammer

I recently sold an item on Rocket League PS4 to a guy with 0 feedback and his account was made this month. After I gave the item he then disputes the trade for whatever reason. I then ask him why and he said he clicked the wrong button and that he would change it. Over 24 hours later he hasn’t responded to my messages on Gameflip or PSN and I think he is trying to scam me.

I recorded the trade and have sent it to support but it’s been over 24 hours and I’m wondering when this will get sorted out. I have all the evidence I need to prove i sent him the item and I hope one of the mods here can sort this out ASAP since I need the money.

Invite Code: KXBQ8B

Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a nice day!

Just upload your recording. It sucks that you have to wait through the dispute process, but with the proof, you’ll win. Make sure you upload the information and not letting the system see that you’re unresponsive.

no support in this site
this site is scamer, bot dont Return Item, bot dont sell item form other ppl
what u think
sorry my problem fixed

Hello, we do have a support here and we aren’t scammers.

If you have any issues, can you tell me via PM so I can help you further?


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