Need help on next step.

Im new to gameflip and I contacted the buyer and traded the items he bought on Rocket League from me. I got the notification from him saying he approved me giving him the items and the notification says that i will recieve the money in 1-2h. Its been 3-4 hours and i still havent recieved the money yet. Is there a step I forgot to do or what? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I think you got scammed, gameflip never write comments

How? It said that it’s a user and not gameflip that commented. It showed like 2 different people comment but they both had gameflip logo as beside their name. If I did get scammed is there a way to get it back which I doubt?

Could you please give a screenshot of the notification you received?

Since you’re a new seller you should read this help guide for selling RL items.

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