New seller with a question

I’m a new seller on GF and just sold two in game items for rocket league on Xbox. I got notified that someone bought them so I invited them and gave them the items they paid for. What happens now? I didn’t see a button to mark the item sold so I deleted the listings. I think I just screwed myself out of two cars.

You got scammed by an impersonator commenting on your listing. Gameflip will never write comments on listings.

How were you “notified” of this? If you received an email it should have come from address. is proper place to check for your sold items. If you got “notified” from the comments section then unfortunately it was a scammer.

I’m just glad I learned my lesson with two cheap cars. I was excited that I had them “sold” so fast after posting lol. I know better now and reported his scam account on Xbox

For future reference, here’s the how-to sell Rocket League item:


Why can’t gameflip ban the dude who’s ALWAYS commenting on post saying that? It kind of seems like they’ve turned a blind eye to it. He’s been doing it forever apparently and people just “deal” with it. It’s a shame that new people fall for this and dude just gets away with no punishment whatsoever.

I think it’s not the same dude, or at least not the same account. They banned him, but he (or someone else) appears with the same method from new account.

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