New seller need help to get started


I want to start selling gift cards for steam and I’m unaware how I can possess cards other than adding someone to my friends list and then sending the cards on steam app. Is it possible to “own” these gift cards in advance or do I have to add every buyer to my friends list and do it that way?

I’m trying to start making some money over here and any helps and tips are appreciated


For gift cards, you must be ID verified (AKA Gameflip verified) to be able to sell Gift cards. This is to give an extra layer of protection to buyers.

I don’t under what your trying to say. You want to sell giftcards but in ur 2nd 3rd sentences, you wrote ‘own giftcard in advance’.

But since ur title is selling giftcard, then should be it. You must be ID verified first. Secondly, you do NOT need to send the physical card to seller. You just give the code after buyer buys.Then complete transaction and done. Simple and Easy.

You will know once you list one. Not hard. Of course ID Verified is the most Important for selling giftcards.

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Thanks for the reply. I am already verified. I’m trying to get the part of me owning a gift card. Are these sold somewhere in physical form because when I try to buy one, the only option I can find is to send the giftcard via steam to a friend who is on my friends list.

So does the buyer purchase it on the site, I get notified, then I add him to a friends list and then send him the gift card? Or are these sold somewhere seperately?

From what I see from other giftcard sellers and me buying giftcards before from gameflip, usually they do auto delivery with code.

Buyer buy - code gets sent - complete transaction if valid code.

No one sends the actual giftcard to buyers, only code. The actual giftcard will have a code in it. You just have to send the code. Most giftcard sellers buy in bulk etc or have a supplier. In details, I do not know because I do not sell giftcards.

You mean buying physical cards then sell it, not getting code from giftcard to give to buyer? I’m not sure about that. You can submit a ticket to support to ask about that. Support is very efficient and nice.


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Thanks for the reply again! I know I’m not sending the giftcard physically to a buyer obviously… I’m just curious where these sellers get the giftcards they are selling. Do they own the cards beforehand or what…

It would be great if anyone can enlighten me about this


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I can tell you that no one will tell you that for sure. They never let others know their source. Some people can sell 10$ cards for 8$. No way they would tell u because there are a lot of other fees involved. (Example gameflip fees) but still making good profit. People who actually have physical giftcards (not just code) are almost 100% of the time legit but MOST bulk sellers do not have them. Just codes.

That is why you see some sellers have bad reviews because some codes are tagged as ‘Stolen’ after using. Valid but balance will be removed after a few days/weeks because the giftcard is tagged as stolen. Happened to my purchase once.

But if someone does reply that, goodluck.

Just helping people.

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I would like to add some, you asked where sellers get steam gift cards they are selling? it depends, they have suppliers maybe that could get discount and sell it here with a little profit, or a person they know and trusted that have steam gift card in bulk and willing to sell, then you’ll buy it