New gift card seller here. Will be offering Amazon, Gamestop, Steam and more.

Hello everybody. Im a new seller here on Gameflip. Ill be offering brand new 1st hand gift cards as well as discounted ones. I stand by each and every card that gets listed and always try to make sure my customer is happy. And I love to show my customers appreciation so I will be doing a lot of free give aways as well as putting up listings that have free random gift card codes in them. Also I love taking requests so if you need a card that isnt normally listen on Gameflip my team can usually always find it. Im also looking for any legit bulk gc sellers to do business with so if your legit and can access valid gift cards just let me know what kind how many and the price and we can definitely talk. Thanks for reading this and hope to see you soon and please dont hesitate to message with any questions or requests

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Hello GCs_4_BTC!


We are so happy you are here :wink:

Just be sure to read the following link regarding the allowed non-gaming Gift Cards:

Have a wonderful day!

God speed!

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Hi, do you have Target, West Elm, Crate and Barrel?

I do not at this time but Im sure I can get them. How many are you wanting and what amounts?


Hey, can you email me at I’d like to know what you have. Also, PM me a list of all gift cards you have.

Do you sell xbox gift cards and for how much?!

Great! always good to see new people on gameflip! im a big buyer

pm you ,pls check it