I feel like gameflip scam me as a seller.

I started my account with gameflip about a week ago. I provided all of my legit information to verified my account. Today, a buyer buy a code starbuck from me, I have the physical card, reciept with everything ( the card is bought from me within one hour till buyer used and report card is added into someone account). I very sure that is not the case where card is misleak some where since i got the card recently and i am the one sratch out the pin code from the card. However, i know there are some bad buyer, so i took the lost and refund the money to buyer and block him from my store.
Next, 5 minutes after, gameflip sent me an email that delist all of my list because they require giftcard have to have physical card and reciept of purchase as well as my Id with my shipping address. They also ask to ship the card to customer.
I took the picture of my reciept, ID, physical card and sent to them, 100% legit prove, and i feel like if they just don’t like them they can took all my pending money without letting me send to my bitcoin or paypal.
One more thing is there tons of seller are selling egiftcard which there are no way they have physical card to ship to customers ( and im sure customers don’t like to waste their money for shipping fee and the wait time) as well as they are seller are selling gift that do not always have receipt of purchase.
All of this is not mention in seller policy or wherever.
I’m sent all the prove of my starbuck cards and waiting for someone respond me.
Code : W64YP6

"There are a few other requirements on selling gift cards that you must follow:

Cards must not expire or incur fees
If applicable, always include the gift card restrictions (e.g. card can only be redeemed in the US)

For digital cards, we only support selling Gift Cards that can be redeemed directly with the merchant/retailer online. Codes that require physical card are NOT allowed in the digital section.


Can you tell me the order ID as well so i can check this even further?

Send me the information via PM.

Thank you.

I was scammed soon as I signed up ! This was for my rent and now I can’t reach a real person to get my money back

Hello, can you tell me what happened so I can provide further help´?