Need Advise I have a lot of amazon gift card from survey

I want to make profit from them or use them at any website
can anyone help me with that all amazon gift card 25$

You can sell it on Gameflip. To list and sell gift cards and digital games on Gameflip, you must be ID-verified.

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You choose between selling for a higher or lower value than the $25, you will sell quickly with a lower value or earn something with higher value but taking longer.

When selling gift cards, basically you have to think about gameflip fees to sell and withdraw, how much you paid on the card and how much profit you want.

But as you got after some kind of survey, you got it for free just by your time, right? Think about how much time you spent and how much you want for this time then, time is money $$

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thanks for that info :heart_eyes:

thanks Moderator

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