Gameflip Account Banned

Hi there my favorite marketplace. Today I could not log into my account. System says me - Account Banned (Exploitation of Gameflip’s marketplace and/or Credits system).

I’ve been selling skins for over 2 years now. I have quite a lot of sales and good reviews. I am not a scammer. I am an ordinary seller. Please explain why i banned? It’s some kind of mistake? I have a lot of skins on sale. What should I do now? I lost all the money? Please help me. Explain to me the reason please.

AT2DFC - my code

You should receive an e-mail with the reasons of why you were banned/suspended. Make sure to check the spamm folder.

I have not received any notifications.

I still don’t understand what I banned. I can’t log to my acc. Support is not responding to me. In skins on sale more than 800$. This is a very large amount for me. In my country, I can eat on it for 2 months. What should I do? How can we solve this issue? Please return my skins. Gameflip Bot #099 keeps them still.
I have been working with this site for a long time.


Hello, due to the reasons you were suspended, please contact the support team.

Thank you.