Account banned, your help is important !

I am contacting you today to inform you of my displeasure at what has just happened to me.

Today, May 2, 2020, I have been banned from your platform without any communication from you, not an email, not an sms, not a notification. I was surprised when I logged in to learn that my account was banned for a reason I don’t know.

Moreover, I was banned from Gameflip while some orders were being shipped which disrupted my customer management system and I was banned while I still had a credit add via Skrill which was debited from my account.

I don’t suspect you of a scam but I still find it very strange that I get banned just after adding money to my account.

You suspect me of having another gameflip account when I tell you that I don’t have one. I don’t know how your anti double account system works but the only thing I can tell you is that I have a brother in the same house as me and I don’t see when the fact that he is a Gameflip account concerns me.

To summarize the situation, you just blocked my account for an unjustified reason without even warning me and I’ve now lost all my money which must be around 100$ taking into account the money I just deposited. My client who had a pending order with me is furious about what just happened because he can’t get his skin in time. He didn’t even get a refund

I am waiting for an answer from you as soon as possible in order to honor my client on time and also to regain access to my account which I find has been stolen suddenly. I’ve been using Gameflip for 2 years now, I have nearly 400 sales and 100% good reviews, thank you for not disappointing me.

My account:


Can someone help me please :frowning:

Have you contacted Support yet? If not, please do so.

We normal buyers/sellers can’t help with that because only Support people can check for you to determine the final outcome so you need to contact Support.

You have to wait for a reply from Support regarding that if you already sent a ticket.

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Ok thanks you

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