Banned Account - please help

Hi! Moderators
Maybe you can help me.
Gameflip banned my account for “Account Banned (Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity)”

Dont know exactly what i did wrong. But i didnt receive any warnings or something.

I have a lot of money in my account, from top ups and sales.
I was trying to make a withdraw, to pay my credit card.
And also i used to buy amazon giftcards to get disccounts in that store.

Could you please help me to get my account back? please its a lot of money.
I promise i will review any wrong action i was made and not doing it again

Thanks in advance.

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You should first create a ticket to Support first. (In link below) Provide your profile code/email/mobile that is linked to your Gameflip account in the ticket to support (Do not provide personal information here) so they know who you are.

They cannot identify you without any information.

and you can DM MajorTom/DarkKnight on forums as well regarding it after submitting a request to Support and providing them the ticket ID and some info.


ok! thanks
i already open a ticket.
I will DM them with that info

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