Can I withdraw my money from my banned account


why ur acc get banned

Account Banned (Asking users to rate the transaction before sending the item/code)

Was your account permanently banned? If so, this will likely not happen as you scammed individuals of their money from what it seems, but submit a ticket or wait for mods to respond and they will investigate.

no i didnt scam anyone u can ask the people that i sold
i just didnt know u cant do that…

and yes its perm

Hey @11127,

Could you please provide me your invite code, so I can check further for you?

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Hi I have the same issue. Idk how to make a forum here so I’ll just comment. I was banned for posting a grinding service. I sold one for $15 and its the only one I sold. The rest of my postings and earnings are from my own items. With no single scamming history and never had a bad or neutral review. I only have good reviews with more than $600 in the account. I hope someone can help me. Just withdraw the money and I’ll leave the gameflip forever.

Hello @Mhiss,

Could you please contact the support team using the link below?

They will be able to verify this for you.

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