My account was banned by a scammer

How do I go about contacting someone that will reply regarding withdrawal of my funds on my account that has been permanently banned I sold several items then a guy confirm he received item and after would not let me messages him so I contacted him Via twitter to deliver and he reported he did not receive because he knew gameflip wouldn’t take time to review proof I’ve tried 100s of messages to gameflip with no help I’d like to handle this professionally and request my $260 plus that is in my account to be transferred

If your account was permanently banned, you must have had multiple offenses / scamming. The funds in your wallet would likely have been returned to the users scammed if this is the case. However, I don’t know your situation so its easy for me to just speculate.

Provide your profile code here to see if the moderators are able to look into it for you. It’d be wise to submit a ticket at the below link.

If you have submitted a ticket, give that ticket number to the moderators here, and perhaps they can look into it for you.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

It is as I said it was 1 guy that I delivered code on twitter and I have 200 plus good ratings and I contacted several with nobody interested in helping me

Gameflip cannot support outside sources, so therefore they will not be able to assist you.


why will u send the key vi twitter as there is place where u send it trow gameflip and from what u say it’s seems like u are scamming people asking them to conform sells then send there keys which is not allowed and they will not let’s got ur fund bc of it as if u did send him the key vi gameflip like all legit stores u will not be banned

Hey @A1ron,

Please provide me your invite code so I could take a further look.

God Speed! :trident:

Your a idiot… I understand zero of the words wrote in your unnecessary comment and btw I have accessed my account and I have withdrawn my funds so that is proof enough I scammed noone buddy old pal… like I said I was new and later figured that out as I have seen several people sell codes that way because 95% of scammers on here are buyers buying from new sellers but anywho I got my money back and I will make 100 profiles just to get the real scammers banned!!