Gameflip banned me for something I didn't do.

Can someone help? I had like $135 on there.

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@DarkKnight @MajorTom

They need information to know which is your account.
Contact Support (Submit a request) first, provide all the information then leave the ticket ID (after submitting request to support) + your profile code if you remember on this topic.

They stopped replying to me.

If you meant support didn’t help/stopped replying, you should still leave the ticket ID here. Else, when DarkKnight/MajorTom sees this topic, they don’t know which is your account to help you check?

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Hello @Osc3r_dev,

Sorry for the wait.

Could you please provide me the ticket number and invite code on the account that was banned?

God Speed! :trident:

@DarkKnight please help my case customer support with a non valid reason when in favor with seller using US only restricted code when I am US steam user, and who ever use the code know I am right, it a not working code, I knew since yesterday with from Support Tyler, things where rare his or her attitude was of no help even though I sended clear evidence

I don’t know the invite code since I got banned

Hello @Osc3r_dev,

Could you please PM me your phone number and I will be glad to take a look into your account ok?

Hello @Wolfy_Zero,

I have already answered your topic requesting the invite code ok.

Please answer through your topic so we do not mix up issues in this topic.

God Speed! :trident: