Closed account for no reason.Please help.

Hello! Sorry to bother. I had over a hundred positive reviews on gameflip, and I found out that gameflip had blocked my account. Can someone check it for me? Thank you and have a nice day!

Code- NMRT8T

You should create a ticket to support first and put the ticket ID here as well. Then you can wait for support or DarkKnight to reply you on the issue.

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@Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight
ticket number - 828209

@Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight

Hello, everyone! Sorry to bother. Can anyone help me?

You have to wait for support or DarkKnight or other staff. It may take days.

No one else can help with this. I am not a staff so I cannot help.

Thanks for the notice.

Hello @jackting90!

I have verified your account and can see that you were requesting sensitive information from other user(s) and for this reason your account was permanently suspended.

Godspeed! :trident:

Sorry DarkKnight, I’m a new seller. I really don’t know what sensitive information is. I made an honest mistake. Should gameflip have give me a warning first and give me just one chance to correct it? If I make the same mistake again, gameflip can block me forever.

If you warn me what I did wrong, I promise I won’t do it again.

Hello @jackting90!

This type of activity is strictly forbidden since users could have their account(s) compromised becuase of this.

Sensitive information is private information from user’s accounts, such as passwords and emails and should not be shared or asked for.

Please contact the support team using the link below to verify what can be done in this case ok:

Godspeed! :trident:

Sorry for the late reply. Someone in the family has been sick these two days. I submitted it just now.

Hi, i am having problems with my acvount. I cant log in, either via my email or phone, i have submitted a ticket:
(830966) it is for my buying/main profile 9Q894R
I keep requesting for an email password link for the past 24hrs, and no email, i even checked spam folder jst incase.
I normally dont care and very patient as i know things take time but now i have purchases that are being cancelled due to no buyer response. Pls help!
@jackting90 @DarkKnight
Thank you!

Ps: i created this acvount just so i can submit this request, maybe forum is faster. My account i submitted a ticket for is 9Q894R.

Hello @jackting90!

Not a problem.

Hope your family member gets well soon :pray:

Godspeed! :trident:

Hello @Avaamicka!

In this case, I can see that your account was created using the Google Login option.

Please use this same option to login and you should be able to gain access to your account again.

In case you need to reset the password, you would need to reset the password of your Google account first and then try to login on Gameflip with your Google account ok.

Godspeed! :trident:

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