Sellings outside Gameflip allowed ?

I`m new on gameflip and i need sunbeam , so i found this seller on gameflip, he seems trusted and in his profile tab "about " he place his discord, and when i ask about private deal not through gameflip , he say is ok and sent me his paypal email, so if i sent him money he will give me items, all will be ok ? because if i top up credits i pay fee and he lost some % of M

oney. Maybe someone can help me

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Is not allowed selling outside gameflip with people u found on gameflip.

Remember, if he scam you, you won’t receive any money back.

If u gonna ask people to buy/sell outside gameflip you might be banned.

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Thanks for the quick respond. Im glade that i dont bought from him and asked bevor i act. Well, so whats happen now ?

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idk it seens like fake screenshots

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Do nothing, ignore him or tell him that u sell only on gameflip.

For 99% his is a scammer and as i said, gameflip wont give u money back if he scam you if deal will be done outside website.

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That’s You ask about private deal, not him.
You can buy it on Game Flip.
But if You don’t want. Them how do You want to pay for it ? (post pigeon)
So i don’t know what is Your problem.

This screenshot look like fake , Pls mod need to check everything , because some bad guys will fake info and report some people who sell same product .


Hey everyone!

Unfortunately, I am not able to use an outside tool as proof to ban the user.

If the chat was on Gameflip, then I would be able to provide more assistance regarding this case.

Keep in mind that conducting sales outside of Gameflip is forbidden, will lead to a suspension and is uncovered by our Gameflip Guarantee Policy.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

OP stops replying here. I think he has nothing to say after being called out. Furthermore, no one will ever ask that question to report somebody