Any resellers here which buy on gameflip and sell outside?

As the title says, I am looking for people who buy on gameflip but dont sell on it.
Please send me DM here so I can explain the details, thanks.

its too risky in my opinion, as you are supposed to redeem the code before you complete the purchase on gameflip

Hello @TPTPTP,

Gameflip advise not to send any messages or payments outside of the platform as the buyer is not covered by the Buyer Protection from Gameflip. Buyers trust buying on Gameflip due to this.

Buyers can be easily scammed outside of Gameflip which is why many don’t choose this.

Light Speed! :cloud_with_lightning:

I never asked for payments outside of Gameflip? I asked for people who buy on Gameflip from sellers like me but resell elsewhere.

It’s usually the other way around: people buy on other stores (mostly at __Keys, K__GUIN, G_A etc) and then resell on Gameflip. But they put the item for sale here first before buying on the other store. It’s easy to spot the sellers that do so because they never sell items on automatica delivery. There’s always 1-3 days of waiting involved. Also their prices are more expensive then the items sold on those other websites because they take their share of profit.