reselling key codes

Hi guys, I have some buyers who resell my games/gift card codes in other places like g2a or kinguin, can you do something please and stop these that are trying to resell the seller games/gift card codes ? I mean, like, to have an option that buyer must redeem the key codes (that are sent instant) in 2 or 3 hours, 3 days, etc. something like that. The block button won’t work because after 2 days and 22 hours user will buy another game and I can’t block him, or I can ? I haven’t tried yet. Also you should add a destination from where the seller will send the physical item because I Iive in Europe and if it is from USA/Canada I need to pay taxes, etc. Thanks

Also , I saw some people that they sell Beta Games , isn’t that prohibited?

Can i ask why is problem with reselling key codes. If they accept code on gameflip?

Yeah, I don’t understand what the issue is too.

By the way, there’s no way we can control what any user do with any product they purchase.

Yes it’s prohibited. Beta code sellers are banned when caught.

I ran into this one guy who shall not be named because all he wants is attention,but he was selling beta codes and reported me because I was selling a psn account with beta access for much cheaper than he was selling his for( seriously $9 for a beta that lasts 3 days?!?!?)

I see everywhere Beta codes WWII on gameflip

What the problem if the person resell your codes? If he pay for you he can do everething, sell or use I not see any problem with this.

If you buy a car from someone and pay their asking price, do you want them to tell you where, how and when you can drive it?

How did you jump from gift cards to cars ? you guys like auto delivery , well , seller likes fast rating. Sometimes buyer not even respond to private messages and keep buying, I had to wait a guy 4 days to get my money. Block button helps a lot : ) please close the topic.