Is it possible to be a gameflip reseller?

I’m looking for gift cards and game codes suppliers and Gameflip caught my attention since it usually has some really good discounts.

Is there any way I could validate my ID/Cards/Whatever so I could make 4-5k usd monthly purchases? At the moment every purchase takes 24-48h due to verification and it’s making this impossible.

I’d caution against trying to resell gift cards on here or purchase gift cards on here to be resold elsewhere. The Gameflip dispute system is great if you intend to redeem the code right away, but after the transaction is complete it becomes much more difficult to recover your money. It also leaves you open to being a victim of a scam with no real proof if a card mysteriously gets redeemed by your buyer or seller.

Yeah I would buy the card/codes only if I had an immediate buyer. I don’t usually stack up on cards/codes to use them later