Gameflip took my money and gave it away

Hey guys,

I’ve been a loyal ijji gamer for quite awhile now, back when the game soldier front was very popular and other games like Gunz.

I made a purchase a few days ago. $285 dollars for a gift card of $360.

I sent in all the credentials, one after another. Verified my id, pics of my face and id, and pics of my debit card.

My debit card didn’t get approved. Ijji sent me an automated messages:

“We need a pic of you holding your debit card saying you verified your most recent purchase”

I thought: “okay, that’s easy. I gave them the rest of the pics. Now, they need one last extra pic.”

So I sent it in.

Then I get another email: “Insufficent information”

During this time, I was purchasing a giftcard that was under review. Give it 3-4 days and I finally get the code.


Two minutes. I checked the balance and ZILCH. Target giftcards go in 24 hours. There is no “hold”

My money is gone. I’ve got nothing in terms of my second giftcard.

Legal action is considered. I got screwed. No hep information, no call centers, no correspondence. BS company screwing over buyers for there commissionary profit.

What do I do?

Are you able to open a ticket through support? You could also try sending a PM to @DunnBiscuit on here with this information.

Also, I used to play GunZ too. Wasn’t sure if it was the same ijji though.

Hello did you open a support ticket? If so can you share with me its number?
Also can you share your profile code with me so I can take a look? With that I can give you more information and see what went wrong.

Thank you.

NC9Y7Q is my code

No resolution yet :man_shrugging: Now just waiting for Gameflip to make a decision. No purchases using the giftcard because the gift cards has no balance.

Last time I use you guys.

Wouldn’t recommend this ■■■■ to a friend. Obvious customer support doesn’t give a ■■■■■■■ damn about you.

God forbid you get scammed. God forbid you need help.

No customer support. No phone line. You’re fucked. Your money is GONE.

Lots of people getting screwed. Jesus, ■■■■.

Where is the “create support ticket” like, god ■■■■■■■ damn. Gameflip couldn’t make that ■■■■ easy?

Okay, first of all, you have to understand that you didn’t lose any money nor we didn’t steal anything from you. Why? You open a dispute and you escalated it so we could check the case. The seller didn’t get your money at all, it was held until we could evaluate it.
Second, these cases take some time to investigate, you escalated the case ± one day ago, and these kinds of cases might take some time to get solved so we can investigate every aspect of the situation, we even try to contact the seller to see if he can help you out.
Third, after investigating the case, I could refund you, refunds might take up 10 business days to complete.

And lastly, your last message has so many bad words that those were censored, you have the right to express your opinion, but you don’t need to be offensive at all.

Due to that, I’m silencing you here.

Thank you.


gameflip is great because they are always there to be the middleman. yes sometimes people do get screwed over but that’s only because they screw themselves over by not reading how to properly use gameflip and they listened to the seller advice and directions instead of following game flips terms of use and instruction. They hold your money and don’t pay the cellar until you complete transaction. Depending on your bank or form of payment the refund can take up to 10 days it’s not instant because it did come out of your account but you did not lose your money they were holding it the whole time. For you $ securety

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on top of that you only have to complete the transaction once you’ve received what you paid for. So it’s like getting what you asked for before you even pay technically LOL

Yeah people always complain but u rarely see anyone compliment them on their hardwork on this website. They do: active giveaways/coupons/promotions/etc. also i noticed that most of the complains of being scammed are from the gift card section i suggest removing that section lol :joy:

I think the gift cards are the best part! As long as you don’t hold onto the gift card for a while after buying it there’s not much risk. You can guarantee that you won’t get ripped off from a seller by either spending the gift card immediately after receiving it before completing purchase transaction, or you can transfer the balance from the newly purchased gift card to a pre-existing gift card that you’ve had on your person already. That way there’s no tracing the credit that will be on the gift card after completing transaction

deserved :pensive: