What is wrong with this?

I posted a ticket and got no reply so I am on the forums now. I was trying to add my Visa card onto my account but for some stupid reason it kept telling me my zip was incorrect, EVEN though I checked it and even called my bank to make sure it was correct. But I kept telling me it’s was invalid! After about half an hour of frustration I went to check my bank account and noticed GameFlip took 25$ out of my account even though I had not bought anything. I was trying to buy something but it kept telling me “INVALID ZIP”. I am extremely upset right now so if anyone can please tell me what’s going on I’d appreciate it.

A very angry gamer-

I know how you feel, Gameflip has taken small amounts of money from my balance when I try to cash out to PayPal (ex: cashed out $5, never received them and got them removed from my account) but I didn’t bother with support, it’s just $5. Anyways, the response time here is the same as support’s, my question hasn’t been answered yet… Good luck

Oh man I just read some of your forum post, I literally just lost all hope.

Don’t worry man, help will come and say “contact support” for the 100th time, I think they have bots programmed to say that lol! Overall, Gameflip has many issues when it comes to physical items, transactions and payouts, but when it works, it’s a godsend. It has saved me quite a lot of money. Nah but seriously, wait a couple of days and if support hasn’t responded by then, I don’t know what to do :confused:

Alright, thanks

Support would be slow during the weekend, but otherwise, they’d respond within 24hr.

To speed things up, take screenshots and attach them to your ticket. You should also submit a ticket directly from app/web when you’re logged in so it would be faster because they know who you are without asking you for more info.