Feel like i got scammed...

I added $15 from a prepaid visa card to my gameflip wallet at 4 on november 9th. It said pending all day so i decided to make a support ticket. I made the ticket and didnt get a response for a while so i went to bed. When i woke up i was pleased to see that i had an email from the support team. It told me that my purchase was under review. I already knew that. I replied and then waited and then i got an email saying that i needed to send them a picture of the purchase in my bank statement. So i went to the giftcard website, took the picture, and sent it to them. It has now been 10 hours and 21 minutes since i sent that picture and i havent gotten a response and the money wasnt added to my wallet. Please Please Please either add the money to my wallet. My support number is 166756. If you look at the emails to the support email from me you can see that i sent what they wanted. Please fix this issue.


@op_JOkEr tagging so ppl see to help

Was this resolved?

Yes, this was solved.